( Packet Weight: 70 gms – Rehydrated Weight: 300 gms )

Everyone’s favorite and full of nutrition, this power snack is perfect breakfast choice enjoy delicious Upma ready in minute made with no preservatives and 100% love.


Semolina (Suji), Mustard Seeds, Cumin, Curry Leaves, Asafoetida, Green Chilli, Sugar, Ginger, Urad Daal, Dehydrated Onion Flakes, Vegetable Ghee, Coriander, Dried Vegetables, Iodized Salt and Citric Acid (INS 330)


  • Store in cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight.
  • Once opened consume completely.
  • Correct quantity of water is important. Excess / less water may change the desired results.


Nutrition value per 100g(approx)
Calories 407.90 k.cal
Carbohydrate 79.73 g
Protien 08.97 g
Cholestrol 00 g
Sugar 17.67 g
Fat 05.90 g
Saturated Fat 03.20 g
Trans Fat 00 g
M.U.F.A 02.20g
P.U.F.A 00.50 g


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