Our Journey

Freshway was launched in 2018 with an honest mission to offer ready-to-eat meals free from added preservatives, flavours and colours. We sort of became revolutionary in our pursuit to bring about a change in how people perceived ready-to-eat meals. We took upon the challenge to combine health, taste and hassle-free eating experience, so one can enjoy their favourite meals without having to worry about anything at all. With this, Freshway was born. With our extensive research and investment, we adopted a technology that could combine health and taste, serving consumers across age groups.

The freeze-dry technology enabled us to pursue our mission to offer fresh, healthy and tasty ready-to-eat Indian meals. The freeze-dry technology is accepted worldwide as the best food preservation process, which preserves colour, flavours and freshness without affecting the nutritional value.

We launched with 15 Ready-To-Eat Products in 2018 and further added 17 Ready-To-Eat Freeze-Dried Products + 8 Heat to Eat products, making a portfolio of 40 + products in 2021. Recently, we introduced a new category with Frozen Products, offering 4 products, thus making our portfolio of 45+ products in 2022. And there’s more to come to delight your taste buds – with freshness, taste and health staying at the centre of everything we have to offer you.


To be one of the pioneers in the ready-to-eat food industry


To be recognized as a trusted name in every Indian household

Core Values

Quality, Trust, Transparency and Ethics

Quick Steps To Enjoy Food Instantly

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Recognition For Our Commitment

For our outstanding and up-to-the-mark management, we are certified with renowned certificates like “HACCP’ & ISO 22000:2005

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