It is cooked in our central kitchen by maintaining all parameters of quality and hygiene, with a minimum amount of oil and spices – similar to home cooking. Since it is prepared in a homely style it is edible and one can consume it regularly without worrying about hygiene and any adverse impact on health.

We have categorized our food products in 2 categories. One is meals i.e. products like Kadhi Chawal, Dal Chawal, Pav Bhaji, Dal Bhaat, Khichdi Kadhi , Pulav Kadhi etc. are single meals which serve one person at a time. The second is Dish i.e. products like Dal Makhni, Veg Biryani, Palak Paneer, Paneer Bhurji, Moong Dal Sheera, Dal Fry etc. that can be served to two persons.

Generally preservatives are added to food products for storing them for longer periods of time. But our freeze dry technology dehydrates the water from the food in such a way that water contents is reduced to less than 2 to 3 %, so we do not require preservatives to store them for longer periods, and as a matter of policy we do not add color to our products to enhance their looks. Our policy is to serve food that does not harm or result in negative health effects for our customers. We go to great lengths to source raw materials like food grains, fruits and vegetables from vendors and suppliers who assure us of color and preservative free products.

Since we use state-of- the-art freeze dry technology to dehydrate our products, it retains all above values in the products unlike other methods of dehydration and preservation.

We only make vegetarian food in our kitchen. Non-vegetarian food is strictly not cooked.

Due to the dehydrated nature of products, they weigh less in the pack. But once you cook and pour the required amount of water in it, it will rehydrate and gain the desired weight.

In the case of rice items it is important that you add a prescribed amount of water to your dish so that it gives you the desired results. But in case of gravies one can adjust the amount of water as per their taste and preferences i.e. thick or with more gravy.

Besides English language, a separate leaflet is provided inside the pack for those who are more comfortable with Gujarati or Hindi.

The above instructions are given on the pack itself, so please follow the same.

We have a central kitchen where we prepare all our products under strict supervision and maintain all the aspects of quality control and hygiene. We outsource the freeze drying process, which is again ISO 22000:2005 certified (Certified Food Safety Management System).

We are right now available online at www.freshwayfoods.in and also on Amazon and Flipkart. Very soon you will find us at stores near you.

You can store all our products at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

We have come up with a wide range of products which are suitable to all categories of people i.e. for children, teenagers, young ones and even old age people. Especially students going out for studies abroad or within the country. Senior citizens who cannot cook or are traveling can opt for our products. i.e. Khichdi Kadhi, Pulav Kadhi, Dal Bhaat, Dal Chawal, Kadhi Chawal etc. You can easily rely on FRESHWAY for all emergencies like last minute parties or guests. Our products are ideally suitable for frequent travelers, trekkers, working women, single males who are staying away from home for work etc.

Yes certainly, our products like Khichdi Kadhi, Daal Bhaat, Pulav Kadhi,Jain Pavbhaji, Jain Paneer bhurji etc. are without onion and garlic. So all the Jains and Swami Narayan followers can have it without any hesitation.

6 Months. But it can remain good upto 1 year.

Since they are color free and preservative free, we say they are 100% natural.

In order to make our products much healthier, hygienic, color free and preservative free, we have chosen to go for the latest state-of- the-art Freeze Dry Technology. This not only achieves all the above things but also retains taste, aroma and micro nutrients of the product. Moreover, these are things that differentiate us from others in the market.

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