Paratha with Mutter Paneer


( Packet Weight: 350 gms – Mutter Paneer: 200 gms, Paratha: 150 gms )

Every Home’s favorite Indian Whole Wheat Bread (Paratha) accompanied by Cottage Cheese (Paneer) and Green Peas in North Indian-style rich creamy gravy.


Mutter Paneer: Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer), Green Peas, Tomato, Onion, Cashew Melon Paste, Refined Sunflower Oil, Whole Cumin, Black Pepper, Ginger Garlic Paste, Green Cardamom, Turmeric Powder, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Kasuri Methi, Iodized Salt, Green Chilli mix Indian Spices.

Paratha: Whole Wheat Flour, Clarified Butter, Refined Sunflower Oil, Iodized Salt Preservatives (INS 282) & (INS 202)


  • Store in cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight.
  • Once opened consume completely.
  • Do not use inner pouches if leaking or bloated
  • No Refrigeration required.


Nutrition value per 100g(approx)
Nutrients Value Mutter Paneer Paratha
Calories(kcal/100g) 122 361
Carbohydrate 12 g 56 g
Protein 5 g 7 g
Salt 0 g 0 g
Sugar 2 g 5 g
Fat 6 g 15 g
Saturated Fat 1 g 2 g
Fibre 00g 00g
Cholesterol 0.00 mg 0 mg
Trans Fat 0 g 0
M.U.F.A. 0 g 0 g
P.U.F.A. 0 g 0 g


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