I purchased a few Freshway Foods Ready-to-eat products yesterday. I never expect much from a pre-packaged meal but the food was delicious with proper levels of salt and seasonings that were well balanced. The vegetables and paneer were firm to the bite, with just as much texture as i would expect from a restaurant prepared dishes.

Heena Gautam, Chef

I have never bought packaged pre-made Palak Paneer, so i bought every brand at the store not knowing which one would be best. Well Freshway Foods won hands down. The Freshway Foods brand was absolutely delicious. The others were barely edible unfortunately.

Khushali Surti

Although i do admit i was skeptical at the start, i have absolutely fallen in love with your food. Its reached a point where i need to control myself from eating ONLY Freshway Foods food.

Dr. Sachin Vani

I found the new instant packets of Freshway Foods in market. I purchased Daal Makhani for tasting. At home preperation it takes more time. So i purchased it because its an instant packet and instantly prepared within 10 Minutes. Easy to cook. It was so delicious and tasting so good. Became a fan of daal makhani. it remebers the taste of an resturant.

Heneel Shah

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